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What to expect after applying to a job in WORK JAPAN app?

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If you have applied to a job already on WORK JAPAN mobile app, you most likely have got some idea about what we do. To briefly explain for those who still do not have a clear picture about what we do:

We provide a job matching platform via our mobile apps. We try to match jobs in Japan to foreigners currently living in Japan. Our apps have job search feature as well. We have various jobs, some of which may be well suited for people already working in Japan and looking for a change, while some may be better suited for part-time job seekers including students. Depending on the job you’re applying to, you may need to already possess a relevant work permit and specific Japan visa.

If you have selected a slot and fixed an interview

Following are the scenarios that may arise before you reach the interview date:

  1. Employer may request for a change of time if he thinks that he can no longer be available at the original interview time. In that case, you will receive a notification along with SMS and email informing you the same. You will be expected to go to the interview detail screen for that particular interview and pick a new slot. There’s no need for a phone call.
  2. In case the employer thinks that your profile (e.g. JP level, visa type) doesn’t match the job requirement, he may cancel your interview for which you will receive a notification along with SMS and email. You will not be able to apply to that particular job again, but you are encouraged to explore other jobs that we have and apply to them.Tip: In order to minimize the possibility of cancellation by employer, please keep your CV information up to date. Also, don’t be modest while selecting your JP level.

If you have requested for a slot while applying

Your interview is not fixed until you pick a slot. You see “Request for slot” option if a job does not have any available interview slots added by the employer. When you request for a new slot, we will notify the employer saying “A seeker is interested in your job and is trying to fix an interview, so please add some interview slots to your job”. When employer adds new slots, you will be notified via notification, SMS and email. You will be expected to go to the interview detail screen for that particular interview and pick a slot. Instead of adding new slots, employer may also cancel your interview for the same reason mentioned above.

How to cancel a fixed interview?

You can cancel your interview by yourself any time before the interview start-time on the interview screen. You may also reschedule your interview if you think you can’t be available at the original fixed interview time.

During interview

Two hours before your interview starts, we will send you the phone number of the employer by SMS and notification so that you can call them if you can not locate the interview address. In most cases, you can simply follow the map provided on our app and successfully locate the interview address.

Tip: Please plan your transportation to the interview location in advance so that you don’t get delayed and make a bad first impression on the employer.

After Interview

Once your interview is over, we expect you to provide feedback for the interview on our app. This feedback helps us improve our service as we constantly try to improve our service and address any concern raised by job seekers like you.

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