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Waiter/Waitress, Dish Washer, Kitchen Server, Cleaner , Construction, Factory, Caregiver, Delivery, Farming,
Fishery, Hotel Receptionist, Office Admin, Call Center, Translator, English Teacher, Tour Guide etc....

  • Part Time Jobs

    NO-Nihongo OK

    Part Time Jobs

    Various Jobs offered across Japan for
    Japanese and Non-Japanese speakers. If you are not conversant in Japanese, look for “No-Nihongo OK” jobs

  • Full Time Jobs

    Full Time Jobs

    Jobs leading to full-time hiring including Visa Sponsorship. If you wish to stay longer in Japan, look for jobs with merit “Chance to get hired full time”

  • Jobs with Dormitory

    Jobs with Dormitory

    Jobs with perks like dormitory - these are usually Farming or Resort jobs and will take you to beautiful Japan countryside. Explore Japan and make a buck also. Tickets and meals are fully covered

Who is Using

Over 150,000 Foreigners are


Here on a Student visa and don’t know any Japanese yet? Don’t worry, we offer “No-Nihongo” jobs as well. Do make sure you get your Work Permit status from Immigration.


Ex Trainee

For those who have been to Japan as Trainee, your experience will be appreciated by new employers. Start looking for new jobs before your duty expires. Even if you are out of Japan, you can get your Visa sponsored!

Ex Trainee
Ex Trainee

Refugee Visa
/Designated Activities

Although many employers do hire people with Refugee Visa, many of them do not understand work permits with this visa. It is important that you express your positive points in the CV, so that you get selected

Refugee Visa/Designated Activities
Refugee Visa
/Designated Activities

Working Holiday

If you are here to enjoy the Japanese culture, you can also explore jobs at countryside or other seasonal jobs and sponsor your trip. If you have skills like, IT programming, Digital Marketing or Translation, you can also take an internship job and aim for Full time work.

Working Holiday
Working Holiday

Permanent Residence

You must have good experience and understanding about Japanese work culture and language. It won’t be difficult for you to get a full time job. You can even become a trainer for other foreigners in an HR company.

Permanent Residence
Permanent Residence

How to find job?
How to Apply?

WORK JAPAN is an App based Service, which
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Career Road Map in JAPAN

Want to stay in Japan Longer? It is not easy to get a full time job from very beginning unless you have high qualification like programming skill. Let’s start from Part time jobs, and eventually shift to Part time jobs which offer Full time hiring, prove your contributions to the company so that you will get hired Full time! Learn more about Career Roadmap in Japan!

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Start from Part-Time
get hired Full-Time

Search in 8 languages!

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