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Interview Questions for Waiters and Waitress in Japan

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Ankit Dhama

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1. Tell me about your previous experience in the restaurant industry.

Sample Answer: “I have been working in the restaurant industry for the past five years. I started as a server at a busy Italian restaurant, where I honed my customer service skills. In my most recent position at a Japanese restaurant, I gained experience with Japanese cuisine and culture, which I found fascinating. I’m excited to apply my restaurant experience to your Japanese establishment.”

2. How do you handle difficult or dissatisfied customers?

Sample Answer: “I believe in addressing customer concerns with empathy and professionalism. If a customer is dissatisfied, I would listen carefully to their issue, offer a sincere apology, and work with the kitchen staff to resolve the problem swiftly. I aim to turn any negative experience into a positive one, leaving the customer satisfied and willing to return.”

3. Can you describe your knowledge of Japanese cuisine and culture?

Sample Answer: “I’ve always had a passion for Japanese cuisine and culture. I’ve educated myself about different types of sushi, sashimi, and traditional Japanese dishes. I’ve also taken the time to understand the importance of rituals like the tea ceremony and the significance of respect in Japanese culture. I’m excited to continue learning and sharing my knowledge with customers.”

4. What do you believe are the most important qualities of a successful waiter/waitress in a Japanese restaurant?

Sample Answer: “In a Japanese restaurant, I believe that qualities like attentiveness, respect for tradition, and attention to detail are paramount. Paying close attention to the needs of the guests, respecting the customs and traditions of Japanese dining, and ensuring every detail is perfect in presentation and service are crucial for providing an exceptional experience. I’m committed to upholding these qualities in my work.”

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