Can you find me a Job?
If you are JOB seeker looking for JOB in Japan please install WORK JAPAN app. You can download the iPhone and Android apps by tapping on the links.
How to Use WORK JAPAN app
I want to speak to / call the Employer
If you want to contact/call the Employer or if want to know their phone number - remember that it will be displayed on your WORK JAPAN app AFTER you apply to the job. Please communicate with the employer when you cannot find their address or are getting late for the interview time. Call only when urgent!
I want to change my phone number
If you have installed the WORK JAPAN app on your phone and created a profile already - then changing your phone number is easy! Open the My Location and Contact section in My CV page and make whatever edits you wish to. Do verify your new number
Can I register my Landline phone?
You can only register your mobile phone with Japan number as employer can not hire Job Seeker out side Japan.
I would like to confirm the interview schedule
Upcoming or Passed interviews can be viewed at Interview Page
I am lost! I cannot find the Interview Location or address.
If you are lost or if you have trouble reaching the Interview Location or cannot find the address call the employer or check the directions on the map. You can open the map by tapping on the Address in the Interview details / Job details page. If you still can't find the location, call WORK JAPAN for assistance
I received a change request for the interview date from the employer. What should I do?
Good news - this means the Employer is happy to interview you but wants to adjust the time of the interview. Please go to the WORK JAPAN app and click Pick New Date from Interview page. You will be able to select another available time slot for the same job.
Want to get feedback
Passed interviews can be viewed on Interview page. Please share your feedback or report issue by opening each job details.