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Discovering Affordable Rental Housing Options for Foreign Workers in Japan

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Finding affordable rental housing as a foreign worker in Japan is crucial for establishing a comfortable and cost-effective living situation. While navigating the Japanese rental market can be challenging, there are various online platforms and resources available to help you discover affordable housing options. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore two to three popular online platforms where you can find rental houses in Japan. Additionally, we will provide insights into some popular locations in Japan that are ideal for foreigners seeking a vibrant and inclusive community.

Online Housing Platforms

a. Suumo

Suumo is one of the leading online platforms for rental housing in Japan. It offers a wide range of rental listings, including apartments and houses, with customizable search options based on location, budget, and preferences. Suumo also provides information on transportation, nearby amenities, and neighbourhood demographics to help you make an informed decision.

b. Homes

Homes is another popular online platform that connects renters with affordable housing options in Japan. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily search for rental properties based on location, price, size, and property type. Homes also provide detailed property descriptions, photos, and information on nearby schools, hospitals, and transportation options.

Popular Locations for Foreigners

a. Tokyo

As the capital city of Japan, Tokyo offers numerous housing options for foreigners. Areas like Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro are popular among expats due to their vibrant atmosphere, access to international amenities, and proximity to major business districts.

b. Osaka

Known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious food, Osaka is an appealing destination for foreign workers. Neighbourhoods like Umeda, Namba, and Tennoji offer a mix of affordable housing options, convenient transportation, and vibrant nightlife.

c. Kyoto

For those seeking a blend of history and modernity, Kyoto is a popular choice. Areas such as Gion, Kawaramachi, and Arashiyama offer unique cultural experiences, serene surroundings, and a range of housing options for foreigners.


Discovering affordable rental housing options as a foreign worker in Japan requires diligent research and utilizing the right online platforms. Suumo and Homes are two popular online platforms that can help you find rental houses based on your preferences and budget.

Additionally, popular locations like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto offer attractive opportunities for foreigners, with vibrant neighbourhoods, access to amenities, and a welcoming community. By exploring these resources and locations, you can uncover affordable housing options that suit your needs and embark on an exciting journey of living and working in Japan. Remember to consider factors such as transportation, proximity to amenities, and the local community when selecting a location. With careful planning and the right resources, you can discover affordable rental housing and create a comfortable and enjoyable living experience in Japan.

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