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Every year, a lot of people come to Japan, either to study, travel, to explore the possibilities or to start a new life. And many of them look for part time jobs to pay the bills, keep themselves occupied and to improve their language skills. Since the past decade, Japan has steadily seen an increase in the number of foreigners working in the country, as well as more willingness in businesses to hire non-Japanese workforce.

Increasing jobs for foreigners in Japan

If you are proficient in Japanese, you can easily get hired in media, engineering, science or other related fields. But if you don’t speak Japanese or just know enough for survival in Japan, don’t be disheartened. Now, more than ever, it has become much easier to get a part time job in Japan, even with minimal Japanese knowledge. All you need is a willingness to learn and a little bit of experience under your belt, either in Japan or your home country.

This is where WORK JAPAN comes in. WORK JAPAN was developed with the aim to make it easier for foreigners in Japan to find part-time jobs, and for employers to hire foreigners. WORK JAPAN makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to find jobs in Japan. Our employers add job requirements in the system. Using the WORK JAPAN mobile apps (available on App Store and Play Store)

  1. you can select the job you like,
  2. select a time for an interview from the slots the employer has already added,
  3. attend the interview at the designated time.

That’s it. No middle men, no lengthy processes, no difficult forms to fill in Japanese, you have the control.

Why choose WORK JAPAN over Job Search Engines

With dispatch agencies like GaijinPot, JobsInJapan, job seekers generally see a response rate of 1%. Seekers have to fill in long forms in Japanese, which is difficult for foreigners.

On these platforms, you do not have any direct interaction with the employer, so if you are good at a skill the employer is looking for, but do not meet their generic requirements, your CV might not even be shortlisted. But with WORK JAPAN, you fix the interview and meet the employer directly. This gives you more control of the situation.

Some other job search websites act as matching platforms, where they only show you shortlisted jobs OR only have a specific kind of jobs. With WORK JAPAN, you get the liberty to decide what kind of jobs you want to work in. Our platform lists jobs in various categories – waiting tables, receptionist, office work, translator/interpreter, tour guides, delivery personnel, cooking, farming etc.

How to use WORK JAPAN apps

Register on the WORK JAPAN app using a phone number, Google account or Facebook account. Since WORK JAPAN app is for those already in Japan, you will need to provide a local phone number (+81) before you can apply. This helps the employers get in touch with you before or after the interview. Don’t fret if you do not have a local number. Take help from close friends and family in Japan and use their number.

1. Provide basic information

Once you register, complete your CV. This is a simple page in the app which asks standard questions – like your visa type, Japan stay duration, level of education, Japanese language proficiency as well as the station closest to you etc. This information helps us match you with nearby jobs best suited for your visa type and language skills.

2. View jobs you like

The WORK JAPAN apps show you jobs in a map as well as a list view. The map helps you see all jobs around Japan and you can get to the job near your home easily. The list view shows additional information like the employer preferences, salary details etc. Tap on a job to view its details.

Check the job details to see the work timings, pay, location as well as any special requirements listed by the employer (like drivers license for a motorbike delivery job). Once you are sure you meet the requirements, apply for the job.

3. Apply for a job

When you are certain you like the job, tap on the Apply button. You will be able to pick a date and time for the interview that you can attend. In case any of the dates don’t work for you, you can request the employer for an interview time.

4. Keep track

Once you apply, the interview is confirmed and the employer will receive the interview request. Keep track of emails and messages you may receive from WORK JAPAN. We keep you informed if there are any last minute changes – like the employer not being able to take the interview, or requesting a new time due to unavoidable circumstances.

In case you are unable to attend the interview for any reason, make sure you use the app to cancel OR reschedule the interview as a courtesy to the employer and keep them informed.

5. The interview process

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the interview and are on time. Carry all the necessary documents and certificates with you. Some employers might ask to see your Residence Card and Bank account details when they hire you, so keep those handy as well.

You can view the directions to the interview location in the app (on Job Details page). The employer’s phone number is also visible in the app 2 hours before the interview. So give them a call in case you are lost.

If you know some Japanese, that would increase your chances of getting hired. Practice with friends and family if possible. Be courteous and polite.

Once the interview is done, employers typically respond within a week with their feedback. If you do not hear back in that time, get in touch with us and we will ask the status.

Increasing your chances of getting hired

These are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job

  1. Statistics show that people generally get hired 1 in 3 times. So apply for more than one jobs at any time
  2. Keep trying to improve your Japanese language proficiency and keep your CV updated
  3. Connect with WORK JAPAN on Facebook Messenger and follow our Facebook page. We regularly post new jobs on the page.

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