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Why to choose dormitory jobs in Japan

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Misa Matsuzaki

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Accommodation in Japan is costly, statistics say that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Japan does offer a wide range of accommodation types in both Japanese and Western styles – like Ryokan, Minshuku, Business Hotels or Pensions. But when foreigners come to Japan, they don’t have to worry about just the rent, the initial costs are also pretty high. When you are looking for a long-term accommodation, apart from the rental, costs include various fees, insurance etc. This can be a problem for someone who is trying to build a future in the country, at least during the initial period when they have just entered the housing market and looking for a well-paying job.

Why Jobs with Dormitories

Out of all the long-term accommodation options available in Japan, the most cost-effective option, especially for students or other foreigners living alone, is hostels and dormitories. These provide lodging and meals at the lowest rates and are ideal for students or youngsters.

Considering this fact, what can be better than working a job, and the employer paying for your dormitory accommodation, either part or in full!

Whether you are looking for a seasonal job (during Summer or Winter breaks) or longer-term options, you will find employers who provide accommodation for their employees.

These jobs give you a wonderful opportunity to earn money, save money on accommodation, explore different parts of the country and learn more about the Japanese culture. Can things get any better?

What kind of jobs

There is no specifics on the kinds of employers that provide dormitory accommodation for employees. We have seen the following kinds of jobs providing accommodation facilities to their employees

  • Farming jobs
  • Factory work
  • Caregiving jobs
  • Construction work
  • Restaurant work (cooking, waiting tables)
  • Office work
  • and many more…

The facilities provided by employers do change on a case to case basis.

  • Some employers provide dormitory accommodation free of charge, as part of your pay package
  • Some pay half the charges whereas the remaining is to be paid by you
  • Some employers cut the dormitory charges from your salary
  • At times, for instance, in farm work, the accommodation can also be lodging inside the farmer’s own house

Many employers providing dormitory facilities also help employees in relocation. This might again be partially or fully paid.

Some of these jobs are in the countryside (like Farming jobs). While these might pay less than jobs in the city, you can save big due to the lesser expenses on food, lodging and overall cost of living. Moreover, you also get to explore the scenic Japan countryside while working and earning money.

It is always a good idea to confirm the details with the employer during the interview to avoid any confusion later on.

How this works

When using the WORK JAPAN app to look for jobs, look for the special points of interest in the job description. You will see an item called Dormitory Provided – which tells you that the job provides dormitory accommodation.

Dormitory jobs.jpg

When the interview is going on, do ensure you confirm with the employer about the accommodation details.

If you wish to be informed about new jobs posted on WORK JAPAN which provide dormitory accommodation, keep notifications enabled in the WORK JAPAN app AND make sure you fill out the form here.

We will keep you informed about any new opportunities that come up.


Dormitories and hostels are possibly the cheapest accommodation facilities available to students and single people in Japan. Part-time jobs with dormitories provide an amazing opportunity for you to visit different parts of the country while earning money and even saving it. Use your time in Japan wisely if you are looking for part time jobs and look for opportunities available for foreigners by using apps like WORK JAPAN.

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