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What is WorldRemit?

WorldRemit is a global online money transfer service that allows individuals to send and receive money internationally. It provides a convenient and secure platform for sending money to family, friends, or businesses in different countries.

What are the fees at WorldRemit?

Transfer fees vary based on method and destination. Standard fee is $3.99, but it can be as low as $1.99 based on the criteria.

Fees for sending money in yen to recipient in Japan

US$ 6.99

Fees for sending money to Philippines when your
recipient receives in Philippine Pesos

Received in Mobile Wallet : US$ 0
Received by bank deposit or debit card : US$ 0
Cash Pickup : $4.99

Fees for sending money to Indonesia

Fees for when your recipient receives in Indonesian Rupiah : US$ 2.99
Fees for when your recipient receives
in US Dollars : US$ 4.99

How to deposit funds for transfer?

  1. First, input the countries you want to send money to.
  2. Enter the recipient’s details and choose payment method.
  3. Finally, click or tap the “Send” button.

How to choose options for payout at recipient's end?

  1.  Log in or create an account.
  2. Select the country and the amount you want to send.
  3. Select the country and the amount you want to send.

Which countries does WorldRemit cover?

Send money to over 130 countries with WorldRemit

  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East

How do I sign up for WorldRemit?

  1. Login or Sign up and provide your personal information.
  2. Verify your email and complete any additional required information.
  3. Once your account is verified, add a payment method and send money internationally.

What documents are required to process a transfer at WorldRemit?

A valid government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.)

Proof of Address (utility bill, bank statement, etc.)