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What is Ubigi eSIM?

Ubigi eSIM offers eSims plans and mobile data for travelers or people who frequently move between countries. Ubigi eliminates the need to swap SIM cards, pay roaming charges, or search for public Wi-Fi when connecting to the internet abroad.

What is the activation fee?

After purchase, you instantly receive an email with your QR code, install the Ubigi eSIM and start your data plan.

What are the monthly costs?

¥570 – ¥4,100/Monthly

*Varies with a data plan and countries

How much data will I get with different plans?

5GB: ¥1500/Month

20GB: ¥4100/Month

*The amount may differ depending on the country

What are the international calling rates?

Ubigi eSIM provides data-only services, so you cannot make phone calls with Ubigi eSIM data plans.