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What is Airalo eSim?

Airalo offers eSIM plans for global connectivity, catering to travelers and those needing multiple phone numbers or network coverage in different locations.

What is the activation fee?

After purchasing eSim, the activation policy will be either “The validity period starts when the eSIM connects to any supported network(s)” or “The validity period starts at the installation.”

Japan Unlimited SIM Card

Activation fees ¥2970 + monthly charge

Japan Tourist Visa (16 days)

One time fee ¥6,490

Japan Tourist Visa (31 days)

One time fee ¥7,920

What are the monthly costs?

The plan’s validity and details differ from country to country.

Local eSims

$4.50 – $32

Regional eSims:

$27 – $59

Global eSim:

$9 – $89

How much data will I get with different plans?

1GB – 20GB (Options of Local, Regional, Global eSims) *varies with countrie

What are the international calling rates?

Airalo plans are mainly data-based, so phone calls and SMS are not possible. However, apps and internet-based services can be used for calls and texts.