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What is Japan Rail Pass?

What is Japan Rail Pass?
The JR Pass is a discounted ticket only for foreign tourists in Japan, ideal for those who want to travel extensively and take advantage of Japan’s efficient rail system.

What do their offerings include?

Here are some of the offerings provided by Japan Rail Pass:

  • Unlimited Train Travel
  • Delivery
  • Regional passes
  • Pocket Wifi
  • Meet & Greet

What is the booking process?

  1. Order your JR Pass online by following a few simple steps
  2. Receive your exchange order.
  3. Exchange order for the JR Pass.
  4. Start your Japan experience and catch as many JR trains, buses, and transfers as you like with your multi-use JR Pass.

How can I modify my booking?

To modify your booking for the Japan Rail Pass, you generally need to contact the authorized vendor or agency from which you purchased the pass.