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Wise Debit Card

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What is the Wise Debit Card?

Wise debit card enables global money transfers and spending at the real exchange rate, free from hidden fees. It removes concerns about fees for ATM withdrawals, restaurant and store payments, and travel bookings.

What are the fees?

Withdraw cash: 1.50% (Fixed fee) 2.00% (Variable rate)

How can I add funds to the Wise Debit Card?

Open Wise app, select currency and amount to add money, and choose payment method (bank transfer or card).

What can I use my Wise Debit Card for?

With a Wise Debit Card, you can use it for various financial transactions and activities, such as online and In-Store Purchases, International Transactions, Online Subscriptions and Services, etc.

Is there a minimum residency requirement?

In order to get the Wise debit card, you must be a resident in Europe, the US (except Nevada), Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, or Japan.