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What is the MobalPay Card?

MobalPay is a prepaid payment card for expats in Japan. A Japanese bank issues it and has Chip & PIN technology and 3DS verification for secure shopping.

What are the fees?

One-time setup fee of ¥2,970 and then a single monthly fee of just ¥385.

One-time setup fee


Single monthly fee


How can I add funds to the MobalPay card?

You can add funds to your MobalPay account through online bank transfer, cash card at an ATM, or cash deposit at an ATM.

What can I use my MobalPay Card for?

MobalPay Card you can use for online transactions and in-store purchases.

Is there a minimum residency requirement?

No! No minimum residency requirements or credit history check needed, as long as your ID is verified, you will be accepted.