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How does it work?
How can you earn by playing online Game?

Have you heard of Blockchain game or Play to Earn Game? Blockchain Game is an Online Game made by New Technology which is now days called Web3.0. There are 2 parts which makes Block Chain game unique. 1st You can earn by playing it, this is why is it called Play to Earn. 2nd You have to buy NFT which is a Game item to play. As the NFT s are quite expensive, you can rent it from us and start earning with out any risk.

Rent game item (NFT) and start playing today!

Its All Free!


Rent Game items(NFT)
from mjj

Rent Game items(NFT) from mjj


Start Playing Game

Start Playing Game


Get Paid

Get Paid

Become a Scholar today!

Renting Game item (NFT) to play, makes you are Scholar

Who can become Scholar?

  • Any one who loves playing games, and have mobile phone and have access to wifi
  • You can be in Japan or outside Japan, anywhere in the world

How much can I earn?

  • Its depends on your Skill, also if you play more than 1 game you will earn more

How do I get paid?

  • You will receive Crypto/Token, which can be exchanged to your own currency or you can even remit it your family oversea with out worrying about remittance fee or exchange cost.

Meet our Scholar

Alvin Caragatan

Alvin Caragatan

"Because of this guild I am gradually able to help my family and my expenses with my education. I am very grateful to the managers who are very kind."

Christian Tanjusay

Mary Jane Malin

John Paul Redoña

John Paul Redoña

"I'd like to thank all of the managers here as well as Guild members. This is the Best GUILD where I will stay because I am more at ease here"

Baldemar Mata III

Baldemar Mata III

"In this scholarship I was very thankful to be a part of this team, because this scholarship is a big help for me and to my family to help my family needs."

Charlene Amparado

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